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Additional revoked interim product approvals information

The Government has amended the Psychoactive Substances Act 2013 to remove all interim approved psychoactive products from the market until further testing confirms they present a low risk of harm to users. Retailers can no longer sell the products as they are now unapproved.

Which interim licences and approvals have been revoked?

  • All interim product approvals have been revoked. 
    This means that there are no approved products on the market and no products can be sold.
  • Interim wholesale and retail licenses have been revoked.
  • All licences to manufacture psychoactive substances have been revoked.
  • Interim licences for import (now for research only) and interim research licences have not been revoked.

When will the products be taken off the market?

All products were to be taken off the market by one minute past midnight on 8 May 2014. Retailers can no longer sell the products as they are now unapproved.

What happened to these products?

Retailers returned the products to their suppliers who disposed of them in a secure manner. The Authority worked closely with police and public health enforcement officers to ensure suppliers adhered to the strict conditions around recalls set out in the Act.

The Authority issued recall orders to product suppliers for every psychoactive product which had interim approval. Retailers and wholesalers were notified of their obligations to comply with the recall and return all interim approved products to suppliers.

What do people do if they have bought these products?

It is now an offence to possess an unapproved product. Unapproved products can be returned to the retailer they were purchased from. If that isn’t possible, or if the retailer is now closed, the products can be disposed of safely by removing all packaging and mixing it in with the household rubbish or flushing small amounts down the toilet.

If people are found to have an unapproved psychoactive substance in their possession, they could be fined up to $500, even if it was purchased when the product was approved.

If people have bought products and are concerned about their health effects they should contact the Healthline 0800 611 116, their nearest medical centre, or the National Poisons Centre 0800 POISON (0800 764 766) - this number is printed on all previously approved products.

For information about getting assistance with drug problems see Psychoactive substances help.

How is the law being enforced?

Enforcement and monitoring is carried out by police and public health enforcement officers.

Customs has lead responsibility for ensuring unapproved psychoactive substances do not enter New Zealand.

The community also plays a vital role and police would like to hear from anyone who knows of party pills or synthetic cannabinoids being sold from any premises.

People can call the psychoactive substances hotline 0800 789 652 to report a concern or seek advice.