Psychoactive Substances Retail Regulations

The Psychoactive Substances Retail Regulations that will allow for the licensing of retail premises for the sale of psychoactive substances, planned for June 2015, are now due to come into force in November 2015.

This will give territorial authorities more time to adopt Local Approved Product Policies (LAPPs). Territorial authorities are able to make policies that describe where products can be sold within their area. This includes highlighting specific areas that products must be sold in, excluding areas where they cannot be sold, and minimum distances between retailers, and between retailers and sensitive sites.

It is preferable for as many LAPPS as possible to be in place prior to the retail regulations coming into force. A LAPP will provide direction to retail licence applicants and the Psychoactive Substances Regulatory Authority about the locations where psychoactive products may be sold in a particular area. If there is no LAPP in place then the Authority will not have the benefit of the community's view when considering retail licence applications.

As of 1 June 2015, around 37 local authorities have adopted LAPPs for the sale of psychoactive substances.

Retailers licensed by the Authority will only be able to sell psychoactive products approved by the Authority.