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Licence application forms and guidelines

The Psychoactive Substances Licensing Scheme Guideline is designed to provide detail in addition to the legislation to prospective applicants on how to get a relevant licence granted. The guideline represents the Authority’s expectations for how an application should be collated and submitted along with the information required by the relevant applications.

It is strongly recommended that all prospective applicants read the guideline before submitting an application as no refunds of fees will be given if the application is refused.

You can download the application forms on the right-hand column of this page.

How to comply with the Act if you are issued with a retail licence

Although there are currently no approved products, as a licence holder you still need to understand the requirements of the Act and Regulations.

Public health unit staff will visit your premises to ensure you are aware of these requirements and answer any of your questions.

It is recommended that you have a policy in place so that you and your staff understand the legal obligations relating to the sale of approved psychoactive products. A sample policy can be downloaded from this page:

We encourage you to adopt the ‘Policy for the retail sale of approved psychoactive products’ and add to it as you see fit.

If you are not complying with regulatory requirements you may be visited by a psychoactive substances enforcement officer, your licence may be suspended or cancelled, or you may face prosecution under the Act.